Welcome to HelloWorld XOXO the blockchains first living soundtrack.  The goal is simple, to become one of the greatest soundtracks ever recorded.  Our journey began with a simple love for music and it has grown into something amazing that will stand the test of time.  We have created the world's first living soundtrack using the best that man and A.I. have to offer we have managed to engineer a unique sound. Every song that we release, will have a life of its own.  Many of your favorite songs will continue to evolve.  We will create music videos, clothing, collaborations, games and films based on our music.  We will also give you the fans the opportunity to become a licensed reseller of our merchandise.  This and our growth based structure are just a couple of the reasons that HelloWorld will become one of the greatest soundtracks ever created.  

     We will continue to build on and develop HelloWorld XOXO far into the future using automation and our trained A.I.  You are early to the party and will have the opportunity to be part of the birth of an entertainment powerhouse.  Our project will be driven by NFT’s.  Our NFTS will not be like most NFT projects, our NFT’s will have utilities.  The entry level NFT will have the cool art that everyone loves, but why stop there?   XOXO offers you a few different NFT options.  Each type is different with it’s own unique features.  Our utility NFT’s have a chance to shake up the music industry by introducing new strategic business models where you gain access to new media, custom features, merchandise distribution and much more.  Our base level is our music/fashion NFT.  The second layer is our SuperFan NFT.  Holding this NFT will give you access to "all" of our future releases.  Imagine having access to your favorite groups music prior to release... that day is here.  Our holders will receive new music and videos before they reach the stores and before release on streaming platforms.

     Our next level NFT is our Axid NFT.  Holders of these NFT's will be able to negotiate and request work done by our team Pixelgod+SQUAD.  This is our labor based layer, these NFT holders can book appearances, filming, editing and sound engineering. Holders of these NFTS will be able to negotiate work directly with the team.  Our next level NFT, will be our franchise player NFT's.  This layer will give you the ability become a reseller of licensed merchandise.  This will include our most lucrative features.  We are programmers and artists, and we love to create.  So we want to stick to doing what we do best.  Our franchise player NFT will give it’s holders the ability to become a licensed reseller of HelloWorld XOXO merchandise.  This layer NFT will also include white list priority for future projects.

     We are bringing the total package to the blockchain.  Music, Fashion, Art and Entertainment, a truly immersive experience.  This has been an amazing journey so far and we're looking forward to blazing even more trails with fans like you behind us.  So from Pix and the SQUAD.  We welcome you to "your" new world, HelloWorld XOXO. Embrace the Chaos!!


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